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Sport Chooser assessment

This Sport Selection Assessment will help your child discover their full potential and find the perfect sport tailored to their unique needs and abilities. Our comprehensive assessment includes an F4R ability test, body composition assessment, and expert discussion. With a focus on dexterity, motor skills, balance, concentration, ball sense, speed, and responsiveness, we will provide a personalized recommendation for the top three sports your child is best suited for. Empower your child to succeed today!
(13+ year olds can choose an extra CPET test for even more accurate results)


A szolgáltatás tartalma:

Felmérés időtartama:

Kinek javasoljuk:

Amit kapsz a végén:

F4R ability test
Anthropometry-Body composition assesment
Expert discussion
CPET test on demand (13+ years)

Total time: approximately 1-1.5 hours in the F4R performance lab

Children and rookies looking to discover the sport that best suits their unique abilities and needs

Personalized recommendation for top 3 sports
Tips on next steps

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