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"Difficult tasks are good, even if you sometimes get annoyed at the moment because you can't do an exercise the way you want. But somehow I feel that every single exercise helps me to be effective in the season, and this also swings the preparation around. That's why I just really enjoy it all"

Norbert Michelisz - Touring Car World Champion


"I met Zsolt Matics, the father of Fit4Race, for the first time five years ago, and it was thanks to his team and the physical preparation they led that I was able to finish the Olympian a race. I had been struggling with a serious knee problem for some time, there were days when I could barely pull my boat out, but they always put me together, and my knee held out that way."

Zsombor Berecz - Olympic silver medalist


"I've been preparing with the Fit4Race system for more than 10 years. I didn't start racing classically as a child, but as an adult, and it brought me the most in that at the age of 45 I was able to perform at a higher level and more effectively than 10 years before. It plays a big role in my winter preparation , when I have few opportunities to ride in a racing car, but with the help of the program I am able to maintain and improve my sharpness."

Norbert Herczig - Multiple Hungarian champion rally driver

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