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Basal Metabolic Rate assessment

This powerful assessment helps you understand your metabolic status, energy needs, and body composition, providing personalized insights to optimize your health and fitness journey. Track your progress over time in a data-driven way and achieve your goals faster than ever. Discover your body's unique needs today! By doing this assessment you will exactly know what works for your body


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Body composition, and nutritional status analysis. (ISAK anthropometry, and BIA).
Indirect calorimetry to evaluate resting energy expenditure (REE) and substrate (carbohydrate and fat) utilization.
Measurement of ventilation, oxygenation, levels of critical ions, and assessment of metabolic status.
Monitoring of the actual status of the nervous system, skeletal muscles, cardiovascular fitness.

Total time: approximately 1.5 hours, including a 1-hour lab test and a 30-minute expert consultation

Individuals looking to optimize their nutrition and exercise regimens, while also understanding their body's unique metabolism.

A detailed report of your metabolic status and body composition, including personalized recommendations for nutrition and training.
Expert guidance on how to interpret and apply your results to achieve your fitness goals.

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