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150-600% ROI

Based on a Harvard Business Review survey, corporate wellness programs pay off many times over, as healthy, happy employees are the most productive.

These should be considered as INVESTMENTS, NOT REWARDS.

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How can stress become your fuel?

Mental and physical stress is inherent in business life.

This has a negative impact on the performance and health of most employees, and consequently on the financial effectiveness of the company.

On the other hand, it spurs some others to even better performance.

Our primary goal should therefore not be to alleviate the consequences of stress, but to develop the resilience of employees.

With the help of Fit4race's data-based, holistic system, we find and strengthen the key factors in the individual that make them sustainably resilient, and able to consciously manage stress and use it as a resource.

Our holistic methodology measures and considers all factors effecting sustainable performance:

● physical well-being and health,

● mental and social balance,

● recovery-rest,

● nutrition,

● cognitive development.

Fit4Race - Who are we?

For 15 years, we have been training top athletes and business players who want to get the best out of themselves. Our team consists of 8 experts and 10 performance coaches. Our experience and methods are rooted in motor sports, one of the most intense high-tech fields requiring mental and physical performance. This is where we bring our objective, data-based approach. Scientific sophistication, up-to-date (international level) information and a holistic approach are both the legacy of our founders and the basic creed of our experts.

Central Europe's most serious private medical-fitness and performance center adds world-class infrastructure to all of this - in the heart of Budapest.

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Some of those who have already trusted us with achieving their goals
  • Olympic medallists

  • multiple world champions in Autosport

  • professional tennis players

  • football teams and players

  • Large and small business managements

  • first responders/defence forces

  • workers in extreme conditions

Let's talk!



1123 Budapest, Csörsz utca 14-16.
(F&M Fitness and More x Fájdalom Ambulancia complex in the MOM Sport building)

We recommend making an appointment:

● email:

● phone: +36 30 466 2237



On any chat/messenger platform. Here, too, we ask you to make an appointment by email or phone.

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